Handle With Care Massachusetts

Monthly Update

To date, the Drug Endangered Children’s Initiative has had 38 referrals.

August 2020


There were 2 referrals in the month of August:

August monthly 2020

In August, the 2 referrals were from East Bridgewater and Wareham:

August 2020 Town

Both referrals came from PCO:

August 2020 source


July 2020


There was 1 referral in the month of July:

Referrals by month July 2020

In July, the 1 referral came from Kingston:

Referral towns July 2020

The referral came from PCO:

referral sources July 2020


June 2020


There were 3 referrals in the month of June:

June 2020 Referrals to date

In June, the 3 referrals were from Carver, Pembroke and Plymouth:

June 2020 Referrals by town

The referrals came from PCO:


May 2020


There was 1 referral in the month of May:

May DECI Referrals

In May, the 1 referral was from Whitman:

May 2020 DECI towns

The referral came from DCF:

May 2020 Referral source

April 2020


There was 1 referral in the month of April:

referrals, april 2020

In April, the 1 referral was from Plymouth:

referral by town april 2020

The referral came from DCF:

referral sources, April 2020


March 2020


There was 1 referral in the month of March:

Referrals March 20

In March, the referral was from Carver

Referring towns

The referral came from PCO

referall source March 20

February 2020


There were 4 referrals in the month of February:


Plot graph

Referrals came from Hull, Marshfield and Rockland:

Pie chart 1 Pie Chart 2

All of the families referred to our program in February were referred by PCO:

Bar graph

January 2020

There were 4 referrals in January.  The referrals came from the towns of Carver, Pembroke and Plymouth.

Families were referred to our program through PCO, the Police Departments and Community Partners.

December 2019


Year End Report:

  • DECI ended 2019 with 21 referrals.  There were not any referrals made within the month of December.
  • The Plymouth County Drug Endangered Children’s Initiative (DECI) was invited to present at the DOJ’s Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) Grantee Meeting:  “The Opioid Crisis and the Nation’s Youth—Strategies and Solutions to Serve Our Youngest Victims”, which was held in Washington DC on December 4-5, 2019.
    • The DECI team presented on the skill-building topic of “Successful Partnerships+Strong Collaborations=Safe and Healthy Children”
    • More than 275 colleagues from all levels of government and across communities—included justice, victims’ services, and public health—convened to share innovations and best practices, leverage strategies and resources, in pursuit of solutions through presentations and peer engagements.
    • Conference attendees were comprised of multidisciplinary teams from BJA’s Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Site-Based Program and OVC’s Enhancing Community Responses to the Opioid Crisis: Serving Our Youngest Crime Victims awardees.



November 2019


chart on referrals for Nov

In November, DECI received one referral from Plymouth County Outreach, from the town of Plymouth.  As of November 30, 2019- DECI has served 15 families and 21 children.

October 2019

In the Community:

♦   October 9- DECI presented to Guidance Counselors at Plymouth South High School
♦   October 10- DECI was in attendance “Stigma and Access to Treatment” Summit at Harvard School of Public Health
♦   October 17- DECI presented to counseling staff of Health Imperatives
♦   October 22- DECI presented to the Plymouth Area SAPC Coalition
♦   October 28- DECI presented to DOC Recovery Pathfinders
♦   October 28- DECI was in attendance “The Intersection of Immigration, Trauma and Violence Conference” at Stonehill College
♦   DECI hosted “Balance 4 Kids”- a children’s yoga class on Tuesday nights at the Family Center in Brockton


chart for referrals October 2019
As of October 31, 2019 DECI received eight additional referrals bringing the total to twenty.

Referral Sources October 2019

In October referrals came from Plymouth County Outreach, the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office (Children’s Advocacy Center) and community partners.

September 2019

In the Community:

♦   September 4- DECI presented at the Community Services of Greater Brockton General Meeting
♦   September 5- DECI presented to the staff at DCF Plymouth Area Office
♦   September 9- DECI was in attendance the Local Systems of Care meeting
♦   September 12- DECI presented to Recovery Coaches
♦   September 13- DECI met with Learn to Cope to collaborate
♦   September 17- DECI met with Grandparents raising Grandchildren Plymouth Chapter
♦   September 24- DECI began “Balance 4 Kids”- a children’s yoga class Tuesday Nights at the Family Center in Brockton
♦   September 24 & 25- DECI was in attendance “Mental Health First Aid” for Brockton and Plymouth Probate Courts
♦   September 25- DECI was in attendance at the Children’s Advocacy Center breakfast
♦   September 25- DECI was in attendance at the South Shore Mental Health Collaborative Meeting
♦   September 25- DECI was in attendance at the Brockton Area Prevention Collaborative
♦   September 26- DECI presented at the PCO Quarterly Meeting
♦   September 28- DECI staffed a resource table at the Health & Wellness Fair at the Plymouth Public Library



Number of referrals September 2019
As of September 30, 2019- Plymouth County DECI has received 12 referrals.

  • Schools- 1
  • Hospitals- 2
  • PCO- 8
  • The Family Center / United Way- 1

referral sources Sept 2019
Referrals throughout Plymouth County:

  • Brockton- 1
  • Carver- 2
  • East Bridgewater- 2
  • Halifax- 2
  • Middleboro- 2
  • Pembroke- 2
  • Plymouth- 1
  • Plympton- 1

Referring Towns September 2019