Handle With Care Massachusetts

How Trafficking/Exploitation May Occur In Different Venues

  • Street/Public Spaces:  Can often be missed because it is not always obvious, but it means that point of connection between the buyer and child experiencing exploitation/trafficking will occur while the child is walking, waiting in the street or a public space like bus station.
  • Commercial-Front Brothels:  A commercial front brothel may look like a legitimate business. They range from illicit massage parlors and nail salons to restaurants/bars with special back rooms or after hour appointments where sexual exploitation occurs.
  • Truck Stops:  Truck stops and rest areas are a common meeting location for traffickers/pimps to bring children to buyers.
  • Hotels & Motels:  Children cannot rent their own rooms. Traffickers/pimps will often have someone rent rooms and leave the child in the room for days while buyers show up. They may book through third party sites or have an older teen use a fake id for the room.
  • Private Residence:  A child may be brought to a private residence of a buyer or residence where buyers come there while child is kept on site. The residence may also be used to create an internet based following for the child to perform sexually explicit acts while broadcasting on the internet.
  • Internet, Webcam and Social Media:  Pictures and videos of children engaged in sexually explicit performances are easily shared over the internet and through social media.  Dating and Social media apps are also used to advertise children that are being trafficked/sexually exploited, as well as recruit them.
  • Strip Clubs:  Children are often used in back rooms for “special shows” in such locations.
  • Escort Services:  Escort services are advertised on legal platforms with misinformation regarding the age of the individual, code words are used to let buyers know that the “escort” is actually a minor.